Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is the planet hunting determinant for our survival?

Astronomers in Australia have emphasized the importance of research for other habitable planets.

Into future world population is likely to grow to the extent that a single planet would not be sufficient, in some moments the human race will have to colonize other planets and when this happens will need to know where to go. Great strides have been made in recent years in the field hunting planets and, while we now know that planets ekstrasolar can be found in many different solar systems is not clear whether there is the possibility that any of these be suitable for living .

"Determining whether there are inhabitable planets has become the holy graali astronomy," said Dr Charley Lineweaver. "This is probably one of the biggest issues with confusing and important scientists of the planets should be taken in 10 to 20 years."

To understand the habitability and to use this knowledge to find the nearest planet habitable, may be crucial to our survival as a species, writes Dr Charley Lineweaver and student Aditya Chopra in the Australian National University Annual Magazine reviews Earth and Planetary Science .

It was rebuildt a signature that may belong to Shakespeare

Researchers using high technology of photography, rebuilt a firm that may belong to William Shakespeare - or perhaps a clever forger.

It is not yet known that the firm "Wm Shakespeare" on the entire face of the legal title of the treaty "Archaionomia", which is a collection of Saxon laws published during the reign of Elizabeth I of England, contains the authenticity of Shakespeare. It can never be clear, says Gregory Heyworth, a professor of English at the University of Mississippi.

But now, Heyworth and his students have used new technology to detect siglaturen almost lost in vjetër.Puna book, part of the Lazarus Project, is an attempt to revive damaged texts using a technique called "multispectral image ".

Researchers take photographs with very high rezolution from old texts or objects, using 12 different wavelengths of light ranging from ultraviolet to infrared, beyond the human eye. Next, they use software to combine these images in the photo, by clarifying in a higher level texts.

In this way, scientists can reconstruct the stories that have been deleted on the switches, external scratches, signatures or even damage from water, says Professor Gregory Heyworth on LiveScience. For example, last year, Project Lazarus përdoruri this technology to discover five new poetry writer William Faulkner, from a collection that was damaged by fire.

Mysterious plant that melts the rock!

Since the earliest times people have built colossal, including the pyramids in Egypt and megalithic buildings in South America. Many have wondered how it was possible to build such works in the distant past with time-limited vehicles.

Objective, because some things have found a reasonable explanation, others remain in darkness plotë.Nëse think megalithic constructions of Machu Pichu, and can not, and you are amazed and ask yourself how it was possible to build wonderful on top of a mountain.

As is made possible transport of our hundreds of blocks in a mountain? And not only. Some of these blocks are formed in particular, that can dovetail with additional blocks, and the connection of the wall. And not to forget one important detail: the peoples of South America did not detect wheel!

It is understood that in this case the problem is still complicated, no vehicles, karruklla, cranes or other equipment involving the use of rotor system.

All this has caused a thousand hypotheses, including aliens, gods or magical powers. In one of the theories of the scholar Peter Tompkins explains that his idea is worthy and not questions the paranormal phenomena or alien ..

In an interview granted, Tompkins says there is no proof of who built the pyramids are believed, at what age, especially all official Egyptologists are not based on evidence but only on certain assumptions.

Given these facts, Tompkins has explained his idea of ​​how it was possible to build these works megalithice.Ai has spoken of the existence of a tall red plant about 25 cm or less, able to rock and fluid then regroup in the desired format.

The idea is that knowing the properties of this plant, some boxes are built, are filled with stones and then was thrown extract of this plant by turning the stone into a liquid form and then expect everything to turn in solid form.

So, you been given shape and size of all those big blocks in the desired shape and in the right place. This will of course exclude the external factors as alien or paranormal forces.

Putting these big stones in regular forms and the right is hard to imagine, while Tompinks theory, explains this clearly and kuptushem.

The problem is to prove the existence of this herbaceous plant red researcher cited some evidence for this fakt.E before dating almost 2 centuries ago and is a legend written by an American traveler in Boston that shows how they built the large temples to Mesoamerices thanks to a mysterious factory.

A second witness goes back about 900 years and is written by an Englishman. In his journey on horseback Englishman is forced to walk because the horse was lame. It is clear that he was wearing Spice, and trouble walking through a meadow violates some mysterious red plant that had not we never encountered in his life. Another told another story about a priest who has spent most of his life in search of a mysterious bird, very small, which has the ability to dig its nest in the rock with the help of a red bar.

He took a piece of grass in its beak and wiped with rock to slowly merge to form a suitable cavity to control nests.

These are historical legends, but there is no further proof, if so experiment Davidovits indirekte.Ekziston and a scholar's rock engineer who has managed to dissolve limestone

He studied the sand at Giza and found that the type of clay which being mixed with salt, lime and water, has managed to built many blocks similar to those of the Great Pyramid. Even this an argument for the construction of piamidave mynyren of Giza, but indirectly confirms the hypothesis of Tompinks.

Differences between the two technologies are on the one hand a concrete invented by man of substances ngakombinimi toksore the formation of larger blocks and through the grass that may dissolve the stones.

Now we have to expect the evidence to prove both tezat.Në really, considering the large number of megalithic constructions carried out by people in South America is supposed to be massively exploited the use of this herb that led to the survival of these people at the top of mountains like buildings Pichu's Mchu

The discovery of this herb will result in changes to all previous theories, the ancient civilizations, in connection with what now seems absurd, they turn into an argument of rational explanation.

Peter Tompkins was born in 1919 in Georgia, but most of his childhood in Toskanë.Filloi spends his studies at Harvard, and during the outbreak of World War II ended in Europe as a correspondent for several newspapers before entering the U.S. secret services.

At the end of forty years back in the U.S., continuing to work in journalism and American studies Itali.Ka interventions studied the links between fascism and Masonry, between fascism and Kisheskatolike, and describes the relationship between Churchill and Mussolini.

Besides the historical work on World War II, he joined a scholar of ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, or even meJohn Anthony West, researchers who work on a proposed update of the Sphinx and the Giza pyramid. He published a book in Italy, a beautiful book "Magic of obelisks".

How much would it cost to build a pyramid today?

If we would build the Great Pyramid today, how will the cost of construction based on the original plan?

Even with the help of latest technology machines, construction of a pyramid would be again a major undertaking. Having acknowledged the 20 years of work that had been years before 4500, even with modern technology today will be 5 billion dollars needed to build it. It is thought that its workers have used a way of action by placing a stone block in its place for 5 minutes, for 2 decades rjesht.

Even with cranes, helicopters and machinery giant, will again be a very difficult work of construction of the Pyramid of Giza today. Its first building is 4500 years today so amazing that people often talk about mysticism or even involvement of aliens in its construction.

GPS recommend's to the tourists to ride across the ocean

Three Japanese tourists in Australia were found in an embarrassing situation after the system of their car GPS, directed in the wrong place.

Three students from Tokyo were bound for North Stradbroke Island, the coastline of Australia and is orjentoheshin through GPS system. The road seemed quiet and accurate until the navigation system maps presented forgot to 9 miles of water between the islands. "We said if we headed in the right place ... GPS is reiterating that it has road, and we continued towards the ..." said 21-year-old YUZU Noda. Occupants of a nearby ship were those who witnessed this event while a kamionist helped to appear again on the road. Students chose not to correct the damage that was caused in the car, although the car was insured, Noda must pay 1.500 dollars that were not covered by insurance. "We would like to once again came to visit the island," they said. "We hope that we do not happen again any similar story."

Google plans to build machines that do not need to drive

The internet giant has lobbied in Nevada for allowing the testing of machines that do not need to because.

Officers have accepted this agreement but require a lot of 10 million dollars. "We want to improve people's life, making driving more safe, more interesting and more efficient. "Said a Google spokesman. "About 1.2 million people lose their lives each year in truck accidents. We believe that autonomous technology will significantly reduce this number. "Nevada has legalized earlier testing machines in its highways, but there has been a special law for companies and their vehicles tested. Now Google and other companies have the green light to test their cars.

Google's private browser. Protect your privacy with incognito

Privacy Method or "private browsing", sometimes referred to informally as "porn mode" is a term that refers to the characteristics of privacy by incognito browser.

Historically speaking, the web browser, save information such as browsing history, images, video and text within the 'cache-that'. In contrast, 'privacy mode' can be activated so that the browser not to store any kind of information during the navigation in the Internet. This allows the person to navigate the web without registering local information that can be seen at a later date. One should note that this method offers no privacy protection for already asnjo local governments.

Privacy Mode disables the storing of information in the cookie's and Flash cookies. The login ID (different accounts) at the same time, is simple with Google Chrome incognito, which allows you to login more than once in the same web page.

Google incognito can be activated by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N, on your keyboard.